so if not war then what?

Well, we tried some college.

fuck college

Yup, that was pretty much our sentiment.

let’s get rich

We weren’t quite there yet. We made

some money

Then we would read a bunch.

Then we would make

some more money

only to read some more.

we went to mexico

We went a lot of places.

It seems like we moved every 3-6 months in our 20’s as we explored possible footholds in society.

what did we want?

Well, George Bush Jr. was elected in 2000 and he seemed like kind of a dumbass.

And then the Iraq/Afgahn wars seemed

kind of illegal

The PATRIOT ACT seemed kind of


and the twin tower collapse seemed kind of


are we truthers?

As in, do we believe in scientific inquiry?

Or are you asking me if we buy the

dominant narrative?

we bought into occupy wall st

They seemed to challenge the narratives.

were we just reacting?

We believed we could change the world through new conversations.

until we got arrested

Then we decided to just make money.