how did we end up with the folks again?

After a year of introspection we ended 2018 meditating on what’s most important in life.



Where it all began.

ah yes, march 15th 1982, remember it well

No you don’t. But we’ve added many formative experiences since our birth.

Pops, the son of a vet, met Moms on an LA city bus a couple years prior.

she was an orphan, no?

Basically, with her parents dying shortly after she was born.

rapist. murderer.

Yup, she came here from Mexico.

Legally. I’m pretty sure. At any rate, marrying pops made it legal.

Then we moved to the IE right?

San Bernardino, meth capital of the world.

be good at one thing

We were good at school until we weren’t.

fuck homework

fuck homework


Never bought into the school thing.

maybe that’s why we’re here?

In more ways than one.

If we just blindly did as we were told, we’d have been conned into Iraq like our family and friends.

you’re saying ours was a calculated discharge?

Choice or chance, we’ve managed to stay

ahead of

the bullshit


Fuck war indeed.