to walk from the men’s intake shelter to the main branch of the New York Public Library.

who am I?
where am I?
what’s going on?

I am SHAZZBARBARIC, a name and persona I’ve chosen for myself.

I’m sitting in the lounge of a shelter.

Now that we have the who and where, what’s going on?

I’m trying to get vouchers.

what’s vouchers?

Look, no one likes to pay rent.

But it turns out, if you really don’t try the government just gives up and pays your rent for you.

so we’re homeless


Any compre-

hensive theory

of society requires inspection at every level of the social stratum.

the folks booted us

We had a nice visit with our parents, yes.

But as December extends past the 31st we have to start thinking about wrapping 2018.

Manhattan is our meal ticket.

Literally, as in the meal ticket which let me into this shelter.

And figuratively, as in the ticket to launch our

presidential campaign

oh we’re still doing that?

Dude, that was the whole point of 2018!

it’s just, you change your mind a lot

We’re beginning like year two of a three year plan.

what’s our platform?

We’re beginning like year two of a three year plan…