The Lady Soldiers with Foot Notes

One lady soldier was a nymphomaniac and kept a blog. (1)
One lady soldier’s husband was killed by an IED. (2)
One lady soldier loved her commander, but was afraid of having a baby. When she finally got home, she found she couldn’t have a baby. (3)
One lady soldier slept with John Scoffield got fatter and fatter and made him cry when she was discharged. (4)
One lady soldier never received any mail. (5)
One lady soldier was big and strong and no fool. (6)

1-Abused nymphomaniac. Favorite excuse when you’re young dumb and full of cum.
2-It made her a better soldier.
3-Favorite of virgin Lieutenants. Wonderful for unrequited war.
4-Going to Indiana State with her GI bill. Expects to do something autobiographical.
5-It showed in her eyes.
6-She smoked cigars all right, but she was no soldier.