Shazz B. Baric
Life is as beautiful as you imagine, which can be a blessing or a curse
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¡Es con voz de la Biblia, o verso de Walt Whitmann,
que habría que llegar a ti, Cazador!
¡Primitivo y moderno, sencillo y complicado,
con un algo de Washington y cuatro de Nemrod!

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Brown, Queer, High;
cut back, locked up, sent to die


I am an American citizen and I have never cast a vote in my life. And I am not alone.

The United States has been plagued by poor voter turnout since I’ve been alive. We live in the most powerful nation

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God Help the Man

God help the man who has someone to blame
President Bush and his sad man Hussein
One got elected
The other got hanged
And three million ran from their homes
American Rome

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