Take a Stand

Tell me if you look around
Tell me how this shit goes down
Tell me when you’ve had enough
Tell me why you don’t man up and
Take a stand
Take a stand
Take a stand
Take a stand
Take a stand

My boy’s locked up again
Three strikes he never had a chance to win
Just a game squad cars harassin’ him
Shit’s real if you’re broke and African
Just a farm if you’re prison guardin’ them
Cash crop 50 g’s a head and then
On parole but they know when that sentence ends
No skills no future and back again

Each cell like a six by eight garden
Used to call him farmer John now he’s the warden
Non-violent so they did no harm
Still convict cattle fillin’ up his yard an’
That’s the life that’s the cycle that’s the system
That’s the state with that business wisdom
Prisons paychecks jobs and chil’en
Painful heart ’cause their pops be missin’

But you see he gotta go and do a bid
Cocaine kilos packed up hid
But the car’s not his, but his wife and kids
But he never said the officer could search his shit
But they lookin’ for that cash and those assets
Right to seize so if they see it they grab it
Best believe in that police habit
Auction income fo’ these bandits

‘Cause their game’s runnin’ off what’s stolen
It’s the same on that Fed payroll when
50 billion for a golden
War on drugs then the warriors be rollin’
Never mind they only stop ten percent of it
Never mind prison never gonna help ‘em quit
Drug enforcement thug hypocrite
The best shit’s flown in by our own government

Money comes money goes to jailin’ them
Families raise funds for bailin’ them
Cut back college who’s educatin’ them
To the knowledge of the game black-male-in-them
Generations lost to institutions
Getting paper off drug abusin’
Hustlin’ prayers get confusin’
Gotta play the game but what about them niggas usin’

Same streets that the Panthers started reachin’
Brother Seale brother Hampton started preachin’
Can’t burn ‘em all so you turn ‘em all to dealin’
If you think crack’s coincidental you ain’t thinkin’
You can raise up out the hood like a grown man
Praise the Lord make good be your own man
Can’t nobody take away from what you growin’
Just don’t let your heart grow cold an’

Take a stand
Take a stand
Take a stand
Take a stand
Take a stand