She Said She Was Seventeen

I took her down by the river
She said she was seventeen

But she was already married
Nebraska Halloween

My costume was horrible
I thought she would say no
I wore an igloo made of bubble wrap
A naked Eskimo

I behaved like what I am
A true born native son
Love you in the fall but I
Refuse to fall in love

Fireflies and in her eyes
I thought she would say no
She was queen Elizabeth

I was just an Eskimo

Her chiffon rustled in the night
Like a dirty pile of leaves
Beyond the berry bushes on that
Nebraska Halloween

Mud was pressed into her dress
Her thighs the softest pink

As I popped my bubble wrap
On that Nebraska Halloween

Now as a man I won’t repeat
All things she did to me
Stained with sand and kisses
By the river with my queen

Though it’s in the past and she
Is just a memory
I wish I was still an Eskimo
By the river with my queen

For although she was married
When she said she was seventeen
Love seemed to come easy
Nebraska Halloween