San Francisco

Tell me what happens when a girl’s eyes fill
With the lights of the city from the top of a hill
And the stars all conspire to come out tonight
The moon burning bright-
Like a funeral pyre

Young and stupid and like a disease
Tongue in your throat and your throat at my knees
Didn’t your mother teach you to say please
Leave me alone-
Once you’re done with me lover

Now you’re the maid with the sad letter writing
How many boys did you drown with your crying
No where to be found when I was left dying
The whole world trying-

To put me in the ground

Didn’t your boy pay forgiveness again
With all of his toys and with all of his men
Send me a post when the shit hits the fan
I’ll do what I can-

And I’ll raise up a toast

Here’s to the girl with the miracle hips
Freckles that melt into delicate lips
Everything wrong traces back to that kiss
You’re such a bitch-

Here I wrote you a song