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ELI5: Even though America has spent 10 years and over $100 billion to recruit, train and arm the Iraqi military, they still seem as inept as ever and run away from fights. What went wrong? by skwirrl in explainlikeimfive
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What we know is that 10 years have passed and $10b has been spent. What went wrong, and pretty much what is essentially wrong with the world, is that “America” didn’t spend it to train an “Iraqi” military. A small segment of America planned executed and continues to manage this war, including a small segment of our military, at the expense of the rest of the country and armed forces. And the “Iraqi” military is also not representative of the will of the general population of Iraq, if you can consider it even a country anymore after a decade of genocide-scale devastation.

Any confusion over Iraq stems from the confusion over whether America is a functioning democracy first and foremost. The facts indicate it’s not. And Iraq is a colony. The rest is just semantics.


ELI5: How could Germany, in a span of 80 years (1918-2000s), lose a World War, get back in shape enough to start another one (in 20 years only), lose it again and then become one of the wealthiest country? by senor_homme in explainlikeimfive
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1) Hitler’s extraordinary rise to power was in fact facilitated — and eventually financed — by the British and American political classes during the decade following World War I. source:

2) They did this by turning a blind eye to “Mefo Bills”, a trick the German Central Bank president used to both print unlimited currency and rearm without technically breaking the Treaty of Versailles, fiat currency on crack. source:

3) The first director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and chairman of the Bank of Manhattan along with his brother located in Germany were directors of this shell company facilitating the rearmament of Germany, as well as a director of the Ford Motor company. source:

The American board members were not placed on trial at Nuremburg and the German Central Banker who managed the scheme lived to the ripe age of 93 before dying in 1970. I think he was also a godfather to the children of the director of the British Central Bank or comparable financial leader but couldn’t find the source right now, should be in the first book referenced. Point is they belonged to an established social group, or CLASS.

TL/DR: Q) How could Germany, in a span of 80 years (1918-2000s), lose a World War, get back in shape enough to start another one (in 20 years only), lose it again and then become one of the wealthiest country?

A) A global cabal of financiers coordinated Germany’s rearmament free of oversight or economic restraint in order to profit from another world war and eventual rebuilding.


CIA morale ‘deeply hurt’ following Senate report by TerraNortex in news
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Let Shame Be Their Punishment

Hey there, military vet who watched 9/11 unfold from a barracks here, thought I’d be the best responder to your bullshit:

1) can’t fathom? yes, as a veteran and current resident of downtown Manhattan yes I can 2) no idea how modern warfare works? information acquired through physical duress has been long discredited, Napolean has a good quote about the subject. You know Napoleon right, one of the founders of modern warfare AND intel? 3) waterboarding compared to beheadings rape slavery etc? Hello Strawman nice for you to show up to the discussion 4) easy to badmouth one of the most secretive paramilitary orgs on the planet? If you mean the once a decade chance we get anything remotely critical and even then heavily redacted then yes, it’s easy to smell the shit storm when they occasionally lift the lid 5) no, many different commenters disagree with you, public ignorance create strange bedfellows 6) started by Wall St lawyers, the CIA has always been about “American Interests” ie corp profit over the security of the nation as a whole. A citizen’s protection and foreign markets/resources are not interchangeable.

TL/DR: Ad hominem and strawman arguments aside, I strongly disagree with your equating the CIA’s well documented mission of foreign aggression for corp profiteering as necessary or even helpful towards the security of the average American.


CIA morale ‘deeply hurt’ following Senate report by TerraNortex in news
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educate yourself brother Black budgets and paramilitaries have no place in a democracy. A conspiracy is defined as a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful. The history of the CIA is one of a secret group breaking the law repeatedly. I criticize America first because I am an American, this is my responsibility first, since the killing’s being done in my name. It’s hard to take any defense of the CIA seriously, you either are ignorant of their full history or not confident in the democratic process or both.

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they ARE the nazis Sweet dreams!

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I have a similar story, only I joined Intel before getting out. From the inside you realize that there are those of character spaced few and far between the multitude of careerists.


“That you are patriotic will be praised by many and easily forgiven by everyone; but in my opinion it is wiser to treat men and things as though we held this world the common fatherland of all.” (self.quotes)
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Explain Internet pornography like IAmA teenage boy from the renaissance era. by Nowhere_Man_Forever in explainlikeIAmA
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You know all those sweet ass peasant bitches you’ve been fucking in your meadows and cobble stone streets and beaches of Italy and the basic carefree life with your numerous religious holidays and pilgrimages and general bacchanalia and the free way which people did pretty much whatever they wanted before nation states itemized every single human being alive with a serial number to track and tax them while those fancy guys painted naked fat women for rich people and the church fags?

Now we all work so much we only have time to view the paintings. And the women aren’t just fat, they also shit in each other’s mouths.

Take me with you boy TAKE ME BACK WITH YOOUUUU!!!


The CIA facilitated the invention of both Facebook and Crack Cocaine… (self.Showerthoughts)
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Science AMA Series: We are Cosmologists Working on The EAGLE Project, a Virtual Universe Simulated Inside a Supercomputer at Durham University. AUA! by The_EAGLE_Project in science
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Can’t we look at this from another angle and notice the semantic bias? Our technology is advancing to the point that we can create complexity that approaches (in the foreseeable future) the complexity of the world in which we live. We call our technology “simulations” and the world in which we live “physical.”

But instead of describing the physical as a simulation, what if we’re merely in the process of creating life? It’s like looking through a telescope through the wrong end and calling it a microscope. The “simulation theory” is just the approach of the singularity, after which once you’re able to create life then yes the technological and physical worlds merge.

In other words the “simulation theory” is just intelligent design repackaged with contemporary language, probably with the same baggage and metaphysical unanswerable questions that religious scholars have been debating since the beginning of philosophy.

Nothing new except the translation…

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i think the words simulation creation God science metaphysics etc are all going to get blurry in he near future. Anthropologists might look back at our “primitive” religions and remark that we were able to conceptualizer intelligent design from a benevolent creator before we were able to create life ourself, which in their future world might be the foundation of their religious belief. So yeah our conceptions of life and God are about to get an overhaul within the next 100 yrs I would imagine, just as the mechanistic deity who set the world in motion as a clock maker led the spirit of the enlightenment


TIFU horribly by insulting a black cashier by [deleted] in tifu
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black guy here no prob while you went potty I gave yo girl the d call it even

and have her call me them white girls appreciate a brother


Reddit, what’s the loneliest thing you’ve done? by jubileo5 in AskReddit
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This thread is so fucking depressing because browsing the net seems inherently an anti social activity no matter how much karma or online culture we cultivate, like asking someone what’s their record for masterbating in one day…and yet I can’t.stop.masterbating.reading.

the number is 12


Obama sends Congress draft war authorization that says Islamic State ‘poses grave threat’ by putinpuppy in worldnews
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US foreign policy only fails like a fox. Isn’t it curious that we created the conditions for the deterioration of Iraq and the growth of ISIS, and now we’re using that as a justification to continue military involvement in the region? How much have private corps made off this war so far? Where’s the investigative report on global oil firms, including Chinese, making a killing off Iraq. Where’s the respect for the Iraqi genocide we’ve caused: over half their middle class become a diaspora and at least one twentieth of their population, not to mention a shit ton of their cultural artifacts and almost all of their intellectuals, destroyed within the last decade? -where is the acknowledgement of reality?

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All we gotta do is organize brother, the truth is still far more efficient than lies. Their side is just better organized. There’s stuff happening…

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US actions have led to the violent death of over 1mm Iraqis. Think maybe our inability to reign in our rampant empire is the bigger threat to humanity. But yeah 5 bodies and a selfie bruh

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First you have to trace the roots of US involvement and hold main actors accountable, or they’ll keep fucking up the region paying social costs for private gains (soldiers/citizens for corp profits) in new ways. Go after the war profiteers, war only ends when it stops making people money.

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that makes people money

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That’s called balkanization and is standard conquering empire technique. The question is does our supposed moral standard, not to mention our current resource level as a nation, allow for this type of empire building ad sui caedere? If you focus on this as an isolated “problem” without addressing the architects of these ever-snowballing shit storms, you become a cat being led by a lazer pointer…these wars make a lot of money for large corps, plain and simple raiding of social treasury and transfer of wealth from the commons

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they’re brokers for wealth, and war is the most profitable transfer of wealth from the commons into private hands. social cost, private contractors. and halliburton’s already moved headquarters to dubai

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democracy only works with security, maslow’s hierarchy of needs, we purposefully created an insecure atmosphere as well as interfered with any independent democratic function in Iraq. it was never really about democracy or else we would have funded pro democratic initiatives VS bombing the shit out of their country, just like it would have been cheaper for Lincoln to buy all the slaves from the south than fight the civil war if it was about slavery. War is profitable and healthy for state consolidation of power at home and abroad, nothing more. money and power, history of the nation state

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terrorist is the guy with the smaller bomb our actions created a genocidal situation plain and simple, if you believe in a god then all Americans are going to have to account for this eventually. we fucked over a whole country, again (ahem Vietnam), because we don’t have control over our political war machine that seems to be set on autopilot. the president is just a broker for corp interests, war is profitable, case closed. the rest is just distractions, Obama’s selling us another war because that’s his job.

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Not sure if this will be drowned in the comments, but here goes:

I live in New York City and have done some political organizing in the past. More importantly, I know a lot of people who are a lot better at it and more connected than me. Let’s take all the anger many of us feel for inheriting these endless wars of aggression and channel it into a single issue campaign for 2016. No more public wars for private profit. Take account of the war profiteers, all the money that’s been spent and where it’s gone. Cut the war machine at the roots and redirect those funds domestically to stop this draining of the national treasury. Police aggression? Military link. War on drugs? Military link. Crony capitalism? Military link. Federal overtaking states rights? Military link. War is the biggest injustice waged at home and abroad, let’s make that the theme of 2016. Upvote this comment and direct msg me if you’d like more involvement. We can have a grassroots org planning within our own subreddit within the week. Most people are anti war. Most people think we can’t do anything. Just takes a first step…

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1) everyone in middle east isnt brown 2) brown is not a race 3) race is not science 4) the middle east is in the process of century-long colonization, this is the reason for the stagnation, blaming the victim when you claim people are uneducated. if you recognize middle ages patterns, it might be because they’ve been bombed and sanctioned back that era through outside forces.

we need to stop waging wars of empire

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“the people” and “you people” is over simplifying. war decimates society at every level. this hasn’t been ongoing since the mongols razed baghdad. Iraq was one of the more modern middle eastern states before the US sanctions and subsequent invasion. read a fucking book. europeans aren’t the bad guys. the small minority of crony capitalists that have taken control of nation states and make money off these perpetual wars are the bad guys. less than 1% of US and Euro population. we all suffer for their greed and when you talk about “middle east” and mongols and middle ages and these huge generalities, it’s like you’re defending murder with a conversation about human nature when we’re dealing with a specific murder in front of us. Iraq has been through a genocide directly caused by the actions of the United States. this is a fact however you define genocide. it’s not about the iraqi people, it’s about what specific crimes against humanity have been done to them. groups like ISIS are not created in a vacuum, they are the symptom (not the cause) of war that leaves no other org capable of surviving in such a violent society other than a sociopathic one. this ensures that the foreigners will have a pretext to stay in the country as long as they like. not sure where you’re not following here…let me know and I can explain further. I’m not frustrated, I’m right.


Life hacks says find 3 hobbies, 1 to make you money, 1 to keep you in shape, and 1 that let’s you be creative. What are some examples of this? by thecollecter in AskReddit
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  • I’m a real estate agent in New York City, which happens to be the largest real estate market in the nation. This is a hobby because you never get bored exploring the history and architecture of Manhattan. I tell my clients I’m really just a glorified tour guide. And most of my clients are doing awesome things themselves (Silicon Alley is booming)
  • lifetime gym rat, but a walkable city also makes you appreciate being able to jog up a couple flights so the city also helps with that. Have easily walked over 10 miles in a normal day
  • As an independent contractor I work when I want, which makes it easier to write on the side until (god forbid) I can make a career out of selling my writing.

So I would say where you live and what you do for money will really dictate the other two. Could imagine other cities and careers where I wouldn’t be able to manage my time to prioritize fitness or side projects as much. Move to an inspiring city and then start your own business, however small, and the creative and health areas should fall into place is my advice.


ELI5: Why isn’t the state liable for the rapes/assault that occur in prison? Can inmates sue if they are not adequately protected? by [deleted] in explainlikeimfive
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Half of all prisoners are non violent offenders, and most of those are for the racist classist drug war that is told to focus on urban minority areas over white upper class ones. so no, most of these guys are victims of selective enforcement of laws, outside of prison and then inside as well when they’re not protected from or offered justice for sexual violence experienced. Though I do agree that they’re getting way more than they should, in terms of the average prisoner costing $50k a year, but that’s more to do with us profitising our penal system and it’s criminogenic nature (how we treat prisoners creates more crime not less) than their own doing. Our criminal system is a blight not only on the US but the concept of an advanced civilization, barbaric is the only way to describe it. As well as your opinion.

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Rather than arguing your strawman (a weak restating of my point), let me ask you what you believe? There are objective facts in this discussion 1) the number of non violent offenders in prison and 2) the number of non violent offenders for drug related charges.

My questions to you are 1) Do these make up a large portion of the prison population, 2) has it been documented that they’re mostly targeted for racial and income reasons (how you look and where you live), and 3) in light of the previous, do they deserve to be raped according to your morality?

Based on what I’ve learned about the nature of who’s in prison and why they’re there, including my own short time spent in Florida for $25 worth of marijuana possession, I do believe they are victims. And I think most well adjusted human beings in the modern age would abhor rape as a form of retributed justice, explicitly or implied.

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fuck me a productive discussion on the internet I agree nice to hear some common sense is shared out there

What Conspiracy theories ended up being true? by dontforgettosave in AskReddit
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The US government was implicated in the wrongful death civil suit filed by MLK’s widow. Also, Malcolm X was being surveilled by the FBI, as he had claimed all along. They kill our heroes.


Michelle Obama decides to eat out in NYC and you’ll never guess what happens next! (
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We use sex to sell everything. We arrest those who buy and sell actual sex. by HolloH in Showerthoughts
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The government legislates, nod and prods, and tries to skew people to do positive things.

tool. the gov exists to justify its existence, like any bureaucracy. and you’re going to have to back up that “sex with prostitutes is hardly a positive” opinion with some data or I’m calling BS


One-fourth of ‘Murica according to South Park by it_roll in funny
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Truth is that we’ll probably never know because a complete open investigation was prevented from the start. Looked like controlled demo though. And no reason why building 7 should have imploded like that. Common sense seems to dictate there’s more going on than the official story. Not sure why you are so angry about people acknowledging this. You don’t have to know the truth to know when someone’s lying to you. That’s actually how liars manipulate, by baiting you into a “quest for truth” in an endless discussion. Gov is most likely lying to us, has been from the event. Or they would have released more info, funded a more thorough investigation, and not tampered with evidence. Why the gov is lying is the real conspiracy theory to be investigated, all other answers will come from that. One request: release the footage of what hit the White House. It’s documented that they took all possible video, including from local businesses. Start releasing info if they want us to believe them. Otherwise it’s all bullshit and these arguments don’t matter anyway cause we’re only dealing with a small fraction of actual data on the event.

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I own the 9/11 commission report. The gov didn’t even want to establish the commission until pressured by the 9/11 Family Steering Committee, who arguably have the most vested interest in “truth” whether this is the accepted conspiracy or another. There’s a lot of openly acknowledged relevant criticism on how they could have done a better investigation. You’re going to say that’s false? Don’t pick on whether I can distinguish between the white house or pentagon or bait people into stupid arguments over factual data they both 1) don’t have full access to or 2) aren’t qualified to interpret. Let’s stick to one little thing I said, since everything was without merit. The investigation was faulty. And, uhm, maybe you’re being disingenuous in your rhetoric.


I feel trapped by the traditional notion that you HAVE to go to college and HAVE to work a 9-5 to support a family by [deleted] in personalfinance
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“I feel trapped”

You’re never trapped, so the first thing to change is your mentality. We all are told what we HAVE to do, sometimes by well intentioned people and most times by malicious or just non-caring ones. It’s YOUR life, what do you WANT to do? It sounds like you’re starting to ask yourself these questions, so you’ve started the hardest part, questioning your assumptions and creating your own narrative in life.

I’d suggest continue this dialogue, keeping notes of your thoughts. Journal, diary, inspiration notebook, whatever, record your daily thought process so you can review what you actually care about. Daily thoughts are different than a year’s worth of thought patterns. Out of this dialogue with yourself you’ll be able to tease your actual ambitions, interests and inspirations. Pair this with the science of execution. Read books on execution in your field, or practice to perfect your craft, or seek out mentors, or all of the above. But spend daily time to develop whatever skill or service or industry knowledge you’ve decided to monetize. Get those 10k hours under your belt to become a master.

Four words to close: focus, leverage, engagement and accountability. Set one, or no more than two, wildly important goals for yourself within a year’s time. Decide what tools you have to leverage your resources that you can use to measure whether you’re headed towards your achieving your goals, called lead indicators VS lag indicators (data that predicts results VS measuring the results themselves). Make sure you’re fully engaged in this process, make it a game and fall in love with the process by creating a way to chart your progress in incremental visible ways. And lastly hold yourself accountable, either by personal check ins or family/friend/mentor ones at least weekly.

Last paragraph paraphrasing “4DX” science of execution book. Good luck!


Google Trends – “Reddit Alternative” by OberynMart3ll in dataisbeautiful
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Build the change you wish to see

-Mahackma Gandhi


[Serious] Greeks of Reddit, how did you vote Sunday, and why? by ImGonnaTryScience in AskReddit
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I’m not Greek, but had an interesting cab ride with a Greek driver last night. I’ve been meaning to record these types of conversations (with consent) more often while here in NYC, so I grabbed this to share. Wanted to separate the audio, improve quality and transcribe, but probably will never do that cause life so here’s the link to the raw video. Excuse my little understanding of politics and shitty interview skills. Was really interesting though, especially the end part about his family taking pills for the stress. By then he had already pulled over and was just unloading, seemed on the verge of tears. It was a $7.50 fair and I tipped him $10, wish I could do more. Good guy.


Apparently, my vagina is “childish.” by icetbitch in TwoXChromosomes
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recently found out that my (now ex) GF paid $10k to get reconstructive surgery on her cooter. asked her if she’d do it again, maybe 8-10 yrs later and more mature I thought. she said she definitely would. so this issue is out there. honestly i did like her clean always waxed look. and i have mentally criticized bigger lips in the past. but the fact she would do that to herself, at that cost, in the 1st world not the 3rd, was a big part of the mental decision process that we were just two different people. the more you live the more you realize that there’s nothing about sex that should eb standardized except self acceptance.

$10k. crazy. love yourself, everything including physical traits have positives and negatives, there’s probably a reason you are the way you are. if not then invent one 🙂 the important people in your life accept you for you


What is your go-to random fact? by ENM185 in AskReddit
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the male asshole has more nerve endings than the female asshole. just sayin…


[Image] Just saw this in /r/movies… by BumpCloud in GetMotivated
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This is self evidently not true. Everything that happens presents an opportunity, even failure unless it’s terminal. And even then some great tragic failures live on as legendary stories. The only thing in life is to try with all your being, unity of thought word action. If you have that level of focus, and are willing to commit your life to your goal, meaning to the end, your entire life, what you’re willing to die for, then there is no such thing as “no success.” Being “ground to the bone” is actually one form of success, with many beneficial results. There is nothing that man is not formed by nature to bear. As I say in my industry (real estate), we get paid in money or experience. Just like you wouldn’t leave the money on the table, pause and think about what you’ve learned when you’re at your lowest. That’s the paycheck, often worth way more than any commission. Grind on. You’re just looking for a loophole where there is none.

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You’re a fucking dipshit.

My mother came across the border from Mexico when she was 17 and now owns her own business. Even then, they lost their house in the recession, which is why I decided to get serious about making money. For the first 30 years of my life I’ve been writing and living like a free spirit. After I got arrested in the Occupy Wall Street encampment (the original one), I had literally nothing. The police broke my laptop in the process of beating my ass. I borrowed a couple hundred from friends and family to go to Puerto Rico and clear my head. Then I came back to NYC with $200 in my pocket. I got a gym membership, where I could keep a locker of clothes and shower. I walked the street at night and slept in Central Park 6am-noon, a safe time to catch a nap. I knew how to dumpster dive from my Occupy days. I got as many jobs as I could handle: deliver boy, barbarck, and sold a guitar to finance my Real Estate license. Then I worked every waking hour learning the real estate market. This month will mark my third year in the industry. I’ve made $16k so far this month and counting. I never made that much in a year before in my life. Until I decided to get serious and focus.

It took the contrast of me protesting for a better world while my parents were losing the roof over their head to realize what counts in life. Hard work. No excuses.

As far as LGBT and female and cripple, can’t really speak on those but you can eat a dick so maybe I have aspergers.

Life is your responsibility, no one else’s. There is literally NO excuse other than terminal failure, and even that provides wisdom beyond any reward. When I say what are you willing to die for I mean it.

If you don’t agree with the above then just settle for having less in life, as far as comfort happiness and peace, because that will be your lot

*drop mic

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“A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” Take the good leave the bad take them both and there you have the facts of life…the facts of life. Now go to work.


ELI5: Why does it seem like race relations in the US have gotten a lot worse over the last 5 years? What has changed? Or am I just getting older and noticing it now? by [deleted] in explainlikeimfive
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The protest movement that was initially started as a response to George Bush II’s outrageous presidency has been sublimated into the Wold Can’t Wait purgatory, then resurfaced in Occupy at the height of the recession, then once again within Black Lives Matters. Source: personally involved in all three and see the same paid activists/agitators. Mainstream narratives are shaped by money, both from above and below, to both suppress systemic change and vent frustration through ineffective means, ie angry young people in the street.

As long as there is injustice perpetuated by our nation (abroad and at home), as measured by total lives and dollar amounts not superficial attributes like gender color of skin or other divisive categories, there will always be a response that needs to be handled. Cue the “organizers” trying to convince you to get out in the streets and get angry.

Because of course that’s what the perpetrators of oppression are doing, marching, not counting their money in their board rooms as they play masters of the universe with our commons and culture.


ELI5:What is the “body buzz” you get from narcotics and hallucinogens and why hasnt someone made a safe drug that produces those effects yet? by Kinnakeet in explainlikeimfive
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we have so much cognitive dissonance to deal with in our current dominant culture (wars for peace, profits to eradicate poverty, consume to conserve, confirm to individualize) that how do you know that your “derealization” is not in fact actual reality knocking on the door? I think hallucinogens of all types help clear the cultural clutter and let the the real, whether observable or intuitive or genetic or spiritual or whatever you want to label it, let’s that wisdom come to the surface. For me anyways…


The Internet’s Own Boy: The Story of Aaron Swartz (2014) – The Tragic Story of Reddit’s Co-Founder and His Struggle For Freedom on The Internet by spunwasi in Documentaries
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wait does that make /user/spez puffy to shwartz’s biggy? mind=blown


One of the most satisfying arrests I’ve ever seen by probably_in_my_butt in videos
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What is the justification of cuffing and detaining a person in your opinion? We can only assume as to the nature of the crime which led the cop to detain the driver. Seeing as how he wanted to tow the car, I’m assuming its an offense related to registering the car or his license. Maaaaybe he has a warrent or they found a controlled substance, but why search first (this obviously started as a traffic stop) and the cop 1) doesn’t seem like he felt the driver was threatening, and 2) even allowed a little commentary by the driver at the end there. The woman was the only belligerent party it seemed.

What I think you’re missing is that you don’t have to agree with, or like, a person to defend their rights. The thresh hold for detaining someone in a supposed free society should be higher. I think most would agree. We live “in public”, anytime you’re annoyed by my actions I might be detained? Or anytime I talk back to a cop?

In my experience, I HAVE been detained for merely talking back to a cop. Once, the officer said “I’m feeling threatened” sarcastically as he casually just walked behind me and cuffed me. What choice did I have? This is because he asked for ID, I gave him my Puerto Rican license, and he said it wasn’t a valid ID. I said, Puerto Rico is a US territory, it IS valid and accepted by all banks and most rental car companies, read a book. The other time, a gang (because that’s how they can act) of cops raided a house party I was at. We cleared the house, but were on the sidewalk complaining about excessive force. They told us to leave. I said no, it’s the fucking sidewalk, I have a right to be here. This time a cop sneaks behind me and cuffs me without warning. Drunk in public, I get the night in jail. Only I wasn’t drunk, had actually just showed up, they shut down the party while I was on my first beer.

But our culture is such where the police are beyond reproach. They can detain, intimidate, and even kill, and rarely face the consequences for their abuse of power.

Please do not defend this kind of action.


CEO Steve here to answer more questions. by spez in announcements
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I feel that reddit is being mismanaged from the top down. It doesn’t seem like you’re empowered, or capable, of changing this because the more I read the more it sounds like a culture problem. The issues you’ve identified to solve are not what’s dissolving the society you’ve built here. Think about it, people didn’t flock to the site because it had the best tools BEFORE, why are improved features going to retain them NOW? It was the IDEA of reddit that attracted them, and reddit’s failure to live up to that idea that is causing them frustration.

It’s a VALUES discussion, not one of execution. You’d have to actually change some of your own personal core beliefs, or enable someone with a better philosophy than yourself, in order to see what’s going on. You don’t have to agree with me, but you can’t deny that honestly you don’t know why the site sucks sometimes. And so you chalk this up to “human behavior”, plan to entrench yourself against the trolls, and move on cashing checks. Because what you can imagine is as good as it gets, right?

Not exactly. I plan to build the next best alternative to reddit and help you go the way of digg. It’s nothing personal, you just are not able to meet the demands of your users. I have a greater imagination and a greater sensitivity to your user base.

I’m writing this, however, to state that I also do have a price. To prevent me from making your company irrelevant, you can pay me one million dollars. That will be worth the 6 months to a year it would take for me to brainstorm, iterate and deliver a better online community experience. I’ll give you until the end of 2015 to make the payment. Consider it a consulting fee. Give me an executive title and retain me for five years and we’ll fix your company. $200k a year should seem like a bargain considering where your reputation, and my own, will be in 2020.

Otherwise I’ll spend 2016 applying my mental efforts towards what this site SHOULD be, or at least COULD be, and come 2017 I’ll start on the good lord’s work of making you irrelevant.



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As a native Los Angelino and resident of many cities in SoCal & NorCal, totally understood. Yes I’ve seen what the industry has done to the Bay Area having lived in Emeryville, Berkeley & Santa Cruz, and having good friends who were long time residents in the Mission before the city’s hyper rent markets bleached the culture.

Now I’m in Manhattan where Silicon Alley is a real thing. I think the startup culture here has the most to offer from what I’ve seen so far, and there’s no way you can make this city shittier than it already is. The SoHo Effect was born here, might as well be quarantined here as well 😉

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Is the main contradiction within the culture of reddit that you don’t know whether you’re populist or meritocratic?


People with high social skills. What’s the biggest mistake that people often make in interactions with others? by Hnnnnnn in AskReddit
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pause and smile. kind of like listening, but more of a body language check to make sure you’re making the person feel comfortable. if i’m getting bad vibes or seems like the person i’m talking to is nervous, i stop to check if i feel comfortable myself. pause, smile, and then watch it become contagious. instant calming effect on the conversation regardless of sales, 1st meeting, party, pick up line, etc. good interactions start with a genuine smile 🙂


What fact or statistic seems like obvious exaggeration, but isn’t? by JustinMGH in AskReddit
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looking for the reference now, but I read somewhere that there isn’t s single street corner in Baghdad that hasn’t experienced some sort of violence, from stabbing to shooting to bombing.


NATO has ruled out sending ground troops to fight against Islamic State militants in Syria.”Muslims are on the front line in this war. Most victims are Muslims, and most of those who fight against the IS are Muslims. We can not carry on this struggle for them,” by Wagamaga in worldnews
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what about the interference western nations have been conducting for over 100 years in the region? from Lawrence of Arabia to now, when will we have a truth and reconciliation committee for the blood on our hands in propping up strong handed rulers who give our corporations the favored treatment we demand? the real enemy to western “democracy” isn’t ISIS, it’s pan arabism. ISIS is just the only form of unification we allow the oppressed, the rabid bloody terrorism of a defeated and emasculated culture. which is why every interaction we’ve had with the region over the past two generations has been aimed at rooting out the stability and middle class that would offer any alternative than a “civilization VS barbarian” false dichotomy. hit squads patrolled IRAQ with lists of intellectuals to target. half the middle class fled last I kept up, 2010. sanctions since Saddam keeping their universities and technology stagnant. our country wanted ISIS since it funded the 80s fundamentalists. the red scare never attacked us domestically. this is fear politician’s wet dream to have a false war of cultures. NATO does not carry on any struggle other than that for the corporate profits of its share holders, I mean member nations. If here in the US we acknowledge that our politics are taken over by corp interests, how hard of a leap of logic is it to deduce that globally the same pattern is playing out? who can have faith in our suppose “enemies” when they’re being trumpeted by the very political and economic class that is strangling us here at home? ISIS & crony capitalism are two sides of the same coin, we’re not represented here in our gov just as ISIS isn’t representing their people, which is why they’re both racing out to the battlefield to fight each other. Because war abroad is always first war at home. want to stop ISIS? take back control of your own gov and eliminate the foil they need to succeed and vice versa. fuck NATO


Whats your main goal in life? by GlakeBriffin32 in AskReddit
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This is such a cool thread. Since joining reddit I’ve realized just how similar, but also how different, we all are. Probably get buried but: 1) articulate a new political philosophy for the modern age, 2) build tools to implement said philosophy (think reddit but better, what they’d like to claim their mission is while they ignore the profit/people paradox they’ve burdened themselves with), 3) execute. If #1 is achieved then the other two should be organic developments within or beyond my lifetime. Ideas shape history. We need new ideas if we’re to change the course we’re on. And we’ll need the rest of these dreams within this thread to contribute. IMO anyways


Casino Jack and the United States of Money (2010) The incredible true story of powerful lobbyist Jack Abramoff. And as the documentary goes on, you realize, with increasing horror, just how corrupt Congress is. by alllie in Documentaries
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All we have to do is leverage technology to take back control of government. Don’t look at it as “the government,” look at it as an industry that needs innovation. It’s happening in all other sectors, just not gov yet because there are huge barriers to entry (two party duopoly). It’ll fall, just like old media. The question is, will an organic populist alternative take it’s place to usher in actual democracy, or will the corporatists keep pace with new tactics to maintain power? How old media is trying to buy their way into maintaining their hegemony. Things WILL change, but it’ll be up to us whether they change for the better or just rearrange the same old BS.


Black Lives Matter Protesters Leave MOA & Attempt To Shut Down MSP Airport by cablelayer1 in news
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I camped out with Occupy Wall St, and early on in the BLM protests it was recognized that a lot of the same paid organizers from Occupy merely shifted to the next “cause” (after they got tons of donations from hurricane Sandy in NYC). There is a network of paid agitators (which is really what these “activists” are) that do this for a living. From my experience, some were paid by unions, others by the Tides foundation (Soros group) or other liberal orgs, and then there were a bunch of question marks. The actual sincere protestors who weren’t sponsored, like myself and others I knew, had to go get real jobs. The only people who can afford to protest/agitate full time are funded by others with an agenda. I have no doubt that some of these agendas are to purposefully cause conflict to damage the cause. Like here in NYC, they’d purposefully fight with the cops and make a scene, when our most effective action was our soup kitchen we were organizing that fed thousands daily when we were rolling, all from donated food and labor. But these guys want to fight with cops, for Occupy or BLM or whatever, they’re just young assholes who want to feel like badasses.

TL/DR: these protests are organized by a small secretive cadre of professional agitators with their own agenda


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I have the recruitment document when I was in Occupy where the paid organizers were looking for “leadership” they could send on retreats, I’m including it in a book I’m working on from my time there. It’s very clear what they intended: to recruit from the movement, take them on paid retreats, and create a sophisticated network of agitators they can dispatch when there’s a crisis that they can capitalize on. I know some of the people who were recruited, have firsthand accounts of the training, and know they’re now organizing for BLM. I only am speaking on what I’ve seen. But yeah, tinfoil.

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Probably will be buried but I’ll try to start a new thread with this link as well. I think this recruitment org within Occupy was the inception of these organized agitators, never figured out who the organizers were or where the money was coming from, which is why I noped the fuck out of there

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I was serious, this is what I think is going on. People are being trained on how to use crisis to stir up protests that gain media attention in order to insert themselves into public discourse, but often at the expense of the supposed cause they’re supposed to be defending. It’s the bloody shirt political tactic, find and exploit a victim for the moral high ground, only done through astroturfing faux movements. the heads of these protests mostly come from the same training camps, not sure who’s organizing it all though


Adjusting the taps on oil price by [deleted] in dataisbeautiful
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the largest decreases for Saudi Arabia are between $60-$40 and $40-$20, so I don’t see them going above $60 anytime soon since this is to increase their market share. the largest increase for the US and Russia is between $40-60. from a logical negotiation standpoint, I think Saudi Arabia will push it down as close to $20 as long as they can then negotiate back up towards a $50-60 equilibrium under pressure from US and Russia as it starts affecting our own industries. but I don’t see them making this bold move with the intention of going back to triple digit oil anytime soon. but then I’m just talking out my ass.


[Story] 9-year old gave me the best, most positive advice about getting older by db_333 in GetMotivated
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moments of anxiety are usually followed by breakthroughs. trust that your mind is processing, don’t try to avoid anxiety accept it as part of the problem solving mechanism we all are born with. the time to worry is when you don’t know there’s a problem. who wants to be the guy who can’t see his own faults. so your brain’s done the first and arguably hardest step: identified the problem. now just allow answers to form. some can be with effort, researching your options and brainstorming, trial and error. some will likely be intuition, in which case be sensitive to what you think about when your mind wanders and try to start recording your thoughts. simple iphone notes or mole skines is what I used, which I frequently compile into a word doc and file away. the truths you want to remember are: there is nothing man is not formed by nature to bear, and everything is going to be ok. worrying is like the winter, just a season in the cycle. you can bitch or you can be someone who feels alive in cold weather. personally I’d always rather be on a beach. but fuck me if I didn’t take a walk in yesterday’s blizzard and just marvel at how pretty, albeit freezing it was. don’t be afraid to marvel at your different states of mind, they’re usually all there to help in some way. lack of pain sensors is deadly, lack of emotions is sociopathy, lack of change is death. love, a random stranger


Some of us wear the lies of our leaders like badges of courage. Vote. (self.Showerthoughts)
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German spy agency says ISIS sending fighters disguised as refugees by Jooana in worldnews
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ISIS spy agency says CIA sending aid disguised a war on terror…oh sorry that’s just the historical record. Our equipment, our guns, our propaganda for generations. Our jihad. Our new cold war. How can you idiots keep hating on demand for your puppet masters. Net tools can’t melt dank propaganda machines. Lose faith in your enemies sheeple.


Stephen Hawking Says We Should Really Be Scared Of Capitalism, Not Robots by gnalp in Futurology
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Uhm Bill Gates is just trying to make the first contact with what’s being salivated over as the new frontier of consumption in Africa. His foundations don’t come without strings attached. Talk to people who work with them. Elon for his part seems sincere. But Buffet and Gates and similar types were greedy asshole young men who just became more cunning greedy asshole old men, with better understandings of how to cement their legacies in history. From stating that open source software was anarchy and communism to stating that life is a game and you keep score with money, Gates has always been a douche. Just a smarter more subtle douche now.


[Image] 10 Things That Require Zero Talent by TBoneTheOriginal in GetMotivated
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The secret to success is to give yourself extra time. That is all. This will help with everything on the list and make up for whatever your shortcomings. Budget more time and your future self will thank you.


TTIP: secrecy around talks is ‘profoundly undemocratic’, MPs say. A German MP said she was given only two hours to read 300 pages by Wagamaga in worldnews
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don’t let the haters get you down man there are far more people who appreciate thoughtful posts than the vocal minority that shit on them. we just don’t take the time to say as much, while those who trash others do so out of compulsion to feed their own ego. so though I’m just one person taking time out of my day to thank you, trust that I represent many more and we represent the general population. at least I hope we do or else we’re fucked. don’t stop the sincerity train friend.


Discover him. Discover him. Discover him. by ZapFinch42 in iamverysmart
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You guys are very kind to take an interest in my work. You might be some of the first. Kind of a cool idea huh? I mean, not now now. But now. Now. You’ll get it cause now you do. Just fold the paper.


CEO of Reddit, Steve Huffman, about advertising on Reddit: “We know all of your interests. Not only just your interests you are willing to declare publicly on Facebook – we know your dark secrets, we know everything” (TNW Conference, 26 May) by NAN001 in videos
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Dont worry you guys I offered this raspberry douche to pay me $1m ransom to not create the next evolution of reddit and turn this place into live journal. He didn’t comply so it’s in the works. There will always be social media on the web. There will not always be Reddit. These entitled first gen startups are high off their own supply. They monetize content they don’t create, which is often stolen in the first place. They have no moral high ground or innovation to offer. This is just where the conversation is now taking place. Until it won’t be anymore. Should have paid me my money.

Let’s talk about Orlando by spez in announcements
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Dont worry you guys I’m working on the next iteration of reddit that will have spez spazzing out. He’s like the car that chases the dog, not sure what to do when he catches it but that won’t stop his boner from dragging on the floor like a tailpipe. I’m high. But really new reddit product coming up 2017 he didn’t pay my ransom and so I’m coming to take his community away. You all have the answers if only the right company with the right CEO will listen to you, it’s like a fucking organic algorithmic hive mind beauty and his heads too far up his ass to listen because current corp culture (esp startup) is paternal, because they’re the first wave. This site is shite, just less shite than what came before and more shite than what will come after. there is nothing proprietary about reddit other than /u/spez ego and extreme cynicism, featuers that bode well for business but make him intolerable in any community online or otherwise. thus his financial success. keep my millions warm douche bag.

This hit the front page yesterday, pretty sure it was just a cropped book cover. Here’s the full thing. From Summers coffee in SoHo, Manhattan by shazzbarbaric in OldCoolSchool
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Content creation and monetization is the current front in the war for the digital commons. People don’t attribute and companies don’t compensate from their monetization. Def not a sustainable model. Which is scary when you crunch the numbers “original content” generates for social media. Reddit Imgr FB YT they’re all gassed on a flawed system, don’t see this lasting. Just a recent example of “I made this…”

Neutral Milk Hotel – Holland, 1945 [Indie Rock] by CloakOfBloke in Music
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saw them in brooklyn 2014 when they did a reunion tour. my sister and I picked up moonrocks on the way and ate them as we ran into prospect park for the show already starting. it started to kick in as we were within earshot of the music. every single person was singing every single word to their songs, all of two albums. they called off the show halfway because it started raining. the audience didn’t move. the rain let up and Jeff came back out to start the show again. the drummer threw his sticks into the audience and I put my hands up. one landed in my palm as everyone dove to the ground. I casually slipped it into my pocket. then me and my sis wandered into the night rolling. it was a beautiful experience.


[Text] Sometimes extreme motivational problems can be caused by adult ADHD by Cimejies in GetMotivated
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here’s the best advice I can give: open up a word doc and organize the chatter. set your priority tasks at the top and then allow your thoughts for future plans, ideas, goals to filter into the bottom. sort at the end of the day and you’ll develop a dialogue with yourself to realize just how your brain thinks. every brain is different. ADHD seems like a catch all short cut to just learning how to cope with your own personality and genetics. there’s a lot of choice involved. you might be predisposed to distractions. but then you can choose to refocus on your priority tasks. this method also allows the chatter to keep running in the background, where you might actually come across something useful. don’t medicate. don’t seek outside help. don’t do anything until you first start that internal dialogue. otherwise you might inhibit what actually may be a strength of the way you think. treat your mind like a child, discipline and clear boundaries but plenty of space to play. less clinical diagnosis, more joy. my two cents. since implementing this tactic I’ve made a shit ton of money and had a clearer head, while keeping my reddit addiction, so it works for me so far…