Monday Morning

The Monday morning paper read:
Another Soldier Dead
The Monday morning paper cried
For our side
Pools of ink began to spread
He couldn’t read what else was said
He washed his hands and stepped into the sunshine

His Monday morning neighbor bought
A ribbon
His Monday morning neighbor
Felt forgiven
They chatted about over there
Just enough to try to care
And thanked god for the lives that they were living

The Monday morning office
Ran the figures
The Monday morning office
Kept growing bigger
They made sure not to think too far
Past payments for the house and car

It never crossed their minds who pulled the trigger

The Monday morning paper read:
Another Soldier Dead
The family confirmed reports
He’d just come home from war
They say he waited for the cops
Responding to the rifle shots-
An armed man holding up a liquor store

Fuck you and fuck your war
Against the weak
Against the poor
Another soldier dying so investors can get paid
Another Monday morning in the fucking USA


We imposed economic sanctions against the country of Iraq in order to kill over one million civilians and weaken the population before an eventual invasion. Following a pattern of behavior established over the last century, America’s first priority has been to ensure that its corporations and the global finance syndicate can continue to exploit the natural resources of the world, regardless of who happens to be living on top of them.

Killing for Peace. Piece of the pie.