Long Walk

And we take a long walk
On the ground
Heaven never saved us
Next time around
Maybe we can fly on our own
But for now

Maybe we belong on the ground

And you say you hate me
And we kiss
And you’re saying maybe
I would be missed
And you say I ask too many questions
Times like this
And you smoke your cigarette

And your brother’s laughing
Into his veins
And your mother’s passing away
Too many kids
And you say you think of your father
Times like this
Close your eyes, let it in

And we’re meeting strangers
All around town
And we’re meeting danger
Laughing it down
And you say you feel like forgetting
You’re alive
And you’re letting me drive

And when you’re asleep you’re the
Sweetest company
And when you are dry you can cry
And I’ll say it’s for me
And you say that you can’t survive
Times like these
On your feet