Since questions are infinite, knowledge is bound by ignorance. This boundary is revered by spirituality and explored by science. I will be using metaphors to reveal patterns through comparisons.

My first comparison will be between the creation of our galaxy and the family unit. Consider the galaxy to be your grandmother. The earth and the sun then become your parents. Every life form can be viewed as an older sibling. Modern humanity is a movie and nuclear fallout lasts as long as a fart.

If we’re wise man, evolution was our education. We were upright and moral by first grade, if only through fear and greed. In middle school we did the right thing for the sake of shame or pride. And by 22 we’re physically modern, with our brain catching up a few years later. Sadly we stopped learning before achieving enlightenment.

Despite the blip of an “Axial-Age” most of history has been bloodshed. Like a tired game of king-of-the-hill empires replace empires. And power has long since graduated from royalty to currency.