Ireland’s Smile

Her eyes were as green as the hills above Kerry
She barely was more than a child

Give to you a smile and ask you to marry
Her hair in the wind blowing wild

Point me to my beer
Point me to the prettiest girl here
Give me a song full of good cheer
Let Ireland ring in my ear

Flowers in her hair and if you ask a dance
Her freckles will hide in her blush
If you’d any luck she’d give to you her hand
And dance ’till the sun’s coming up

Bottle of wine
Waves keeping time
Cliffs that stood watch o’er the sea
There in moonlight
She swore she’d be mine
As long as I need her to be

Irish boy with a patch on your shoulder
Irish boy with your heart laid in clover
Irish girl
Framed in the door
Irish girl
She’s the queen of the shore calling
Irish boy with your breath laced in whiskey
Irish boy who’s the first up to kiss me
Irish girl
Last on the isle
Irish girl
Wearing nothing but Ireland’s smile