God is a middle class family

God is a middle class family
With the internet for neighbors and international trade
As a game of king of the hill
They’re thinking ’bout solar panels
If they can get a tax credit
And recoup the up front investment costs

Okay, to be perfectly honest
They haven’t paid their mortgage
They barely make enough to get by
But hey, God is really frugal
They don’t like to overextend themselves
And their credit’s not so good anymore

But oh, God, won’t you just change the world
Oh, God, you can take it real slow

It’s been hard since the economy left them
Sometimes it seems so pointless
Like the race is un-win-able
But I, I love them very much
I love the way they love
And I just want them to be happy

I wish I could talk some sense
Into their troubled heads
Full of beautiful small dreams
But I, I am only one person
But maybe that’s just it
Maybe that’s just what they need

Oh, God, things are gonna turn
Oh, God, don’t fall apart over some stupid world

Ah, so beautiful in suburbia at night
Ah, so beautiful, how did I not see it before?

Oh God
Oh God
Oh God
Oh God