God Help the Man

God help the man who has someone to blame
President Bush and his sad man Hussein
One got elected
The other got hanged
And three million ran from their homes
American Rome

Seven hundred bases to keep the world safe
For BP, for Exxon, for Chase Manhattan Bank
We called it socialism when a country disobeyed
Now we have a holy war to thank

“Boy we need ya to deploy in Iran
We captured Saddam and we killed Taliban
And we’ll be killin’ some more of their terrorist friends
When you’re killin for peace
The good fight never ends

“There’s oil in that thar land
And every Mooslem woman, child, and man
Is either with us or against us
And if they don’t understand
They will when the bombs land”

You want to make a terrorist you make a man run
You come into his country, kill his daughter, kill his son
Build a hundred bases do whatever that you want
The terrorist is the guy with the smaller bomb

Give me a reason why we cant hang
The President for treason and the rest of his gang
One trillion dollars for a war that’s insane
And when the victims have the sense
To collect their revenge
You only have yourself to blame

This Boy says he’s not gonna die for his country
This Boy says he won’t go commit crimes for his country
This Boy says his mother wont cry when his country
Demands that she give up the life of her son

No, this Boy says he’s not gonna die for his country
Keep your gun