In fact, this goal might approach the impossible.

Attempting the impossible makes a good story.

My editor told me as much, before asking for more words.


is a writer.

As such, he/I hunt ideas and their narratives.

So new ideas and good stories should be cause

enough to undertake such a journey, at least on a personal and professional level.

But the impossible is uninspiring without at least some

glimmer of hope

What is my glimmer, my hint of possibility?

How could this actually work out?

What is a question?

The world seems awash in contradictory information.

It also appears to be decreasing in safety.

Perhaps this indicates that more questions should be asked.

Is curiosity and stubbornness alone –

with the possibility of a resultant narrative to monetize –

cause enough to

run for president?


more words he says…always more words

Let’s imagine that the questions I ask

provide information

which provides more safety.

Let’s imagine further that this dialogue of who where what, perhaps even more questions, is inherent to the human condition.

Take as the first assumption that our species is by nature inquisitive, curiosity the first tool to create individual and shared realities.