Flag Man Fun

Ain’t no runnin’ from the flag man fun
Either in with a penny or you’re in with a gun
Flag man catcha even if ya try ta run
Either tag ya with a penny
Or he’ll tag ya with a gun uh huh
uh huh uh huh

Went down yonder to the wishin’ hole ‘n’
Lookin for the gator that Woodie stolen
Mile long tail and the scales were golden
Found me a sale on fishin’ pole uh huh
uh huh uh huh

financed on the credit

Left my job with a Maggie farmin’
Stoned as a rock in a Buddhist garden
Ain’t nobody gonna beg my pard’n
Diggin’ my break underneath the yard uh huh
uh huh uh huh

break just like a woman

31 or I’m 17
Ain’t nobody get the best of me
Born and raised land of the free
Lost my faith in my enemies uh huh
uh huh uh huh

universal soldier

Pirate eye, Robin Hood
Rob you blind for the greater good
Keep you scared, Atomic bomb
Lost the words to redemption songs uh huh
uh huh uh huh

none of them can stop a the time

Start the rally don’t be late now
Watch the bulls out on parade
Shout “Yes we can!” and “Might as well!”
Then round them up with a pocket full of shells uh huh
uh huh uh huh

‘Cause you do what they tell you

SSN, tax ID
NSA knows the best for me
Occupy a J-O-B
U-S-A, I-N-C uh huh
uh huh uh huh