Break like a woman ‘cross the
Corner of my bed

Feel like a poor boy should I
Got a sack of firewood
The evening’s turning red

And if you can’t forgive
Everything I’ve done

Shake like a tambourine and
Just let your metal scream
I’ll play the sorry one

Come sit beside me and I’ll
Drive us to the snow
Feel like it might be good I
Got a sack of firewood
The moon’s about to glow

And if you’re cold inside the
Hollow of my arms
Sing like an old guitar and
Just let your hardwood thaw
I’ll play your harmony

Dance in the morning ‘cross the
Corner of my eyes
Feel like a poor man should I
Got a sack of firewood
The sun’s about to rise

And if you’re telling me things
I don’t understand
Move like a melody and
Just let your soul be free
I’m only a man

I’ll love you best I can