A good thing, because he’s also begun to master FIRE which requires a little more responsibility wouldn’t you say?

wait are you mixing metaphors?

child or caveman?

moral or evolutionary development?

Yes, he became a capable little hunter, shedding hair along with body heat to be more active during the day.

Like 1st graders starting elementary school, he learns about

complex social groups, language

and all the school yard gossip that comes with both.

this is no way to teach anyone anything

But we did learn, at least our ancestors did, doubling brain size during those formative years.

Although cortical grey matter peaked around 13, or Homo antecessor, our common ancestor with other humanoids-

you’re introducing robots now?

Not human droids, HUMANOIDS, human-like species.

We call ourselves wise wise humans because there are other wise human species that may have been comparable to us.

It seems as though around 7th grade we started

taking different classes

Conventional morality is setting in-

pick. your. metaphor.

Ahem, conventional morality is setting in.

We’re learning to satisfy the expectations of our social groups and that of society.

Putting that bigger brain to work.