Homo habilis, “handy man”, hits the scene. Short and hairy with lanky arms and about half the cranial capacity of modern humans, we’re not expert hunters yet. Our stone tools are mostly used defensively and we scavenge for our food.

wait what was the setting again?

100,000 years to 1

For perspective, Homo sapien sapien, or wise man, shows up 24.5 years later at this scale. We now need to walk our way from the handy birth of man to his

wise modernity

you mean wise wise man?

I guess some are wiser than others.

Back to the HM 1300, we have this little

stone-toting fuzzball

exploring areas previously too hostile to inhabit.

dance your cares away…

By the time little Homo is around six years old we can call him erectus, “upright man”. This is-


THIS IS when pre-conventional morality develops. Consequences are spotted

using a new organ which lets him track distant targets by measuring balance and movement.