Minds, warded by our feeble State,
Schwarzeniggardly allowed repast
Briefly; quicken now that mental ga(i)t(e)!
Interests compound morsels of the past.

Ah, Seraphim! Ah, Muse!
Where is my Raid?!
Gnats thick in the brick layered smog.
Ivory Tower? Ivory mortgage awaits-
White El’phan houses, fruits of fruitless jobs.

The canon’s carrion is made to last
Another day, another year’s buffet;
Out of squalor – bricks – we march steadfast,
Our hunger you cannot commiserate.

There yet remains a suckle on this hog,
As human edifice anticipates
Shoulders burdened with these rotting logs,
Owing ‘till tuition full is paid-

Owing our scholastic to our state.