You can only threaten so many people personally. But if you convince the population that your story is universal, not only in this world but into the infinite great beyond, then you’ll have their highest conception of what is right and wrong bound to their group identity.

Think of narratives like

social super glue

Throughout the history of large social groups as we watch people come together in order to confront their existential problems and, more often than not, overshoot the mark with a little

pillaging and mayhem

pilgrimage and mayflowers

Good one…the catalyst seems to be a strong sense of group identity; whether displayed through

financial political or religious

systems and usually incorporating all three; resources, safety and those pesky unknowables.

tithes church and prayer

This is why I don’t encourage you.


Rather than the quick fix of a certain 3-letter paradox, our world’s dominated by artificial bodies-

robots, it’s time for the robots