how many questions are there?

Let’s start with infinity then.

One afternoon I stared at clouds from my Manhattan rooftop, digesting five grams of dried magic mushrooms.

Behind the clouds I found more clouds.

Beyond those clouds

I stared up into space

Being stubborn, I kept staring.

Being space, the sky above kept giving way.

This, then is the boundary of all existence that surrounds us in every dimension.

Space is the infinite, upwards and outwards.

I suppose time is also infinite,

behind and ahead of us

Our ignorance is infinite, questions outpacing facts.

Experience itself seems bound by this infinity, the unknown which lies beyond what we can know, outwards and inwards.

Otherwise things would quickly become quite boring, no?

But how does one deal with this unknown, these innumerable unknowns,

the suffocation of a tiny existence bounded in every way and on every side by the unknowable?

easy. god

Right you are. So we have a name for the infinite then, as a placeholder for the undefined and a light out of the darkness of despondency. In spirituality we call this God,