of human predation on the social scale, then addiction is the pattern of predation on the individual.

one’s addiction is another’s religion

Not even going to argue that one.

Addiction can be defined as the pathological pursuit of reward and/or relief through substances and behaviors which diminish the ability to identify and rectify problems and foster dysfunctional emotional responses.

-reward or relief, like our pre-conventional morality motives

-behaviors and substances, not only things but actions as well

-and the important part, the fact that it must be a harmful relationship

Specifically harming problem solving and emotional stability, which seem like important life skills to foster.

you’re the asshole!…where are my car keys?!

Yes, the addict is often swinging from dysfunction to projection, with their habitual use being the small eye within the storm where they

find temporary peace

Usually in secret, and usually with enablers on standby to sell them more.

Being an American who grew up within more “modest” neighborhoods, I have my fair share of addiction stories.

But we’re not talking about substance abuse, although the British Empire did use opium to bend what was the largest economy of the time in China to their imperial will.