The imperial will that invented the

central banking system

which underwrites the current global hierarchy which is enforced through American militarism which goes unchecked partly because we’re too busy dealing with…wait for it…an opiate epidemic. Music is essentially twelve notes.

How many more notes are in the sheet music of empire because a lot of this is starting to sound familiar.

you’re reaching my dude, ‘scripts are for the children

Apparently. But we’re not going to discuss that aspect of addiction, at least not now.

money, power, belief systems

I can stop praying whenever I want


But addiction requires irrationality and emotional instability. Religion actually can help mature you IF it’s used as a tool for self-correction.

A spiritual path which humbles oneself to the unknown

without and within

Cults prey on membership. Americanism, the claim that all of our actions are right because we’re us-

a strange loop!

operates as an addiction.