Hey there Captain America maybe you can help us out.

doesn’t matter what the press says

Not really what I was expecting but ok, fuck journalism, got it.

what the politicians or the mobs say

I, uhm, ah…politicians are elected officials, mobs are illegal gatherings, not sure why you would group the two-

This nation was founded on one principle

Yeah, that’s what I was getting at. Our country talks about people and principles and natural rights of man, but then you also had a bunch of hypocrisy with serfdom and slavery and nation-state empire building. Do we actually respect self-determination?

We stand for what we believe

Ok Cap, gotcha, but, er…what do we believe again? ‘Cause our history is one of pillage and plunder, though we do come up with good excuses for controlling others through violence. But is it healthy to base a society on conquest, even if we can justify it through culture and trade?

When the mob and the press and the whole world-

What is this mob you keep talking about?

-tell you to move, your job-

Wait I’m not signing up for any job just yet, you haven’t told me-

-is to plant yourself like a tree beside the river of truth-

Seriously, wtf is wrong with you Captain America.